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In fact, I will maintain in this short note that the towering theme of Emma is her moral relationship to — and her moral development in — the community of Highbury. Other heroines will achieve this position with marriage, beyond the span of the book; Emma has it already, and her marriage will only confirm and perhaps enlarge her sphere of influence. So while the other novels follow their heroines away from home on a variety of learning experiences, Emma is static. It threatens the happiness and lives of individuals. Because of vanity, she believed in the superiority of her judgment, which in reality was led astray by her fancy or imagination. What heals Emma is conscience and contrition. Every part of it brought pain and humiliation, of some sort or other; but, compared with the evil to Harriet, all was light; and she would gladly have submitted to feel yet more mistaken— more in error—more disgraced by mis-judgment, than she actually was, could the effects of her blunders have been confined to herself. He might have doubled his presumption to me— but poor Harriet! How she could have been so deceived! She looked back as well as she could; but it was all confusion.

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The Bourne Matrimonial Agency has one rule: Never fall in love with the client. A simple thing to remember. Preferably one with a large fortune and a complete lack of curiosity. The last thing he needs is a meddling matchmaker determined to dig up his dark family secrets.

Emma’s ideas about love and marriage mature throughout the novel. She maintains a close friendship with her lifelong friend, Mr. Knightley. Emma has important.

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The real evils indeed of Emma’s situation were the power of having rather too much her own way, and a disposition to think a little too well of herself; these were the disadvantages which threatened alloy to her many enjoyments. The danger, however, was at present so unperceived, that they did not by any means rank as misfortunes with her. This quotation occurs early in the novel, shortly after Emma has been introduced as the protagonist. Throughout the text, the narrator presents a reliable analyses of characters and events.

This discerning judgement also appears in Mr. Knightley, who serves as the character manifestation of the narrator. In this particular quotation, the narrator expresses the primary conflict of the novel: Emma’s self-centered nature and the fact that she does not recognize it herself.

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Written in , Emma is a novel that takes a slightly different take on Jane Austen’s Matchmaker Crush: The result of Emma’s matchmaking of Mr Elton and Harriet wrong about everything and other people had paid for it (see page quote).

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Emma, or chapter.

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Emma deals with many visions of what marriage entails. Social acceptability, financial practicality, similar social standing, shared virtues, matching talents, comparable charm and beauty, and similar dispositions are all components that present themselves with different degrees of importance in the marriage calculations of different characters.

For women, who were often barred from owning property and faced significant limitations in employment, marriage became particularly critical as both the expected social norm and the often necessary means of financial security.

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Quote 1: “doing just what she liked; highly esteeming Miss Taylor’s judgments, but directed chiefly by her own. The real evils, indeed, of Emma’s situation were the power of having rather too much her own way, and a disposition to think a little too well of herself Quote 2: “from his habits of gentle selfishness, and of being never able to suppose that other people could feel differently from himself, he was very much disposed to think Miss Taylor had done a sad thing for herself as for them, and would have been a great deal happier if she had spent all the rest of her life at Hartfield.

Quote 3: “Mr. Knightley, in fact, was one of the few people who could see faults in Emma Woodhouse, and the only one who ever told her of them Quote 4: “‘I lay it down as a general rule, Harriet, that if a woman doubts as to whether she should accept a man or not, she certainly ought to refuse him. If she can hesitate as to “Yes,” she ought to say “No” directly. Quote 5: “Her character depends upon those she is with; but in good hands she will turn out a valuable woman.

Quote 6: “She did not always feel so absolutely satisfied with herself, so entirely convinced that her opinions were right and her adversary’s wrong, as Mr. Quote 7: “‘Whatever you say is always right, and therefore I suppose, and believe, and hope it must be so; but otherwise I could not have imagined it. It is so much beyond anything I deserve. Quote 8: “‘That is the case with us all, papa.

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Harriet Smith is a major character in Emma by Jane Austen. Harriet is the illegitimate daughter of an unknown someone—the identity of her father is revealed later. He had placed her, years back, at Mrs. Goddard’s boarding school. Goddard wanted to bring her to Hartfield estate for tea with Henry Woodhouse and his younger daughter, Emma. This was welcome, as Emma had always wanted to meet Harriet because of her beauty.

Emma Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the Jane Austen movie. Finally, the Emma script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie based on the EMMA Mrs Weston, do not take to matchmaking, you do it ill!

Starring Anya Taylor-Joy as the meddlesome Emma Woodhouse and directed by Autumn de Wilde, it captures Austen’s satire and wit, while occasionally falling short of the version’s sentimentality and charm. Though the art direction can at times feel too self-aware, it creates a much more memorable visual experience than the version or many recent period films.

Director Autumn de Wilde has intimated that in many period films, clothing and environments will often “already feel antique”, whereas historically, the color was how one’s wealth was flaunted to the world. Emma’s place in society is often established throughout the film by bright flashes of color, and it makes for a dazzling, kaleidoscopic narrative. From the very opening scenes, the version immerses you in Emma’s world. An authoritative narrator is established, which guides viewers through the many social shenanigans.

This mimics the satirical nature of author Jane Austen’s voice which permeates the novel and gives it its acerbic bite. As Emma so keenly observed in the Gwyneth Paltrow version, your quaint small English town is your world, and though it may seem diminutive, it is as lush and large as you make it. Even the most remedial gossip can seem world-ending in a bombastically melodramatic way, to the delight of viewers who spot the irony. There are scenes in the version that didn’t appear in the version or the book – scenes where characters are far removed from the hustle and bustle of the social gatherings, and simply going about their daily lives.

They’re often found alone, assembling themselves, and the viewer is given an inside peek at their existence.

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Watch the trailer. Jo March reflects back and forth on her life, telling the beloved story of the March sisters – four young women, each determined to live life on her own terms. While matchmaking for friends and neighbours, a young 19th Century Englishwoman nearly misses her own chance at love. Emma Woodhouse seems to be perfectly content, to have a loving father for whom she cares, friends, and a home.

Emma Quotes. Quote 1: “doing just what she liked; highly esteeming Miss Taylor’s judgments, but directed chiefly by her own. The real evils, indeed, of Emma’s.

By Emmabel Orendain. Conversely, for Harriet it is instead when she recognizes that there is something of value already in her nature that she can truly grow. Harriet gains a new perspective of herself as her social status transforms with the discovery of her parentage and her marriage, demonstrating the importance of both confidence and correct perception of both self and others to womanhood regardless of class.

Initially, it appears that Harriet has a proper perspective of merit and value—for example, she respects the Martins and finds herself in love with Robert Martin, who Mr. In gaining praise from both Mr. Knightley and Emma, who often are at odds with each other in the novel, Robert Martin proves himself worthy of Harriet who, in turn, returns his affections.

This lack of confidence in her own views thus leads Harriet to allow Emma to contort her perception of others and of herself. Initially, Mr. Yet while Harriet learns to see the reality of Mr. Her response to his rejection reveals the extreme level of deference Harriet gives to Emma, and subsequently points to the warping of her perception.

Emma finally recognizes that her control over Harriet has changed her character to a point where it is unrecognizable. This can be seen, for example, when Harriet claims Mr. Harriet appears to learn from this experience, and only falls in love with Mr. Knightley when she is confident in supposed proof of his love for her.

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