Going Up in Flames: Wildland Firefighters and Mental Health

This photo combination made with undated family photos provided via the City of Prescott, Ariz. In this file photo, Ryan Myers, with the U. In American culture, the firefighter is almost a mythic being and it is no different in the wildland firefighting community, where men and women armed with little more than axes, shovels and chain saws face mountainsides engulfed in flames. In this Tuesday, July 2, photo, a woman hugs a former member of the Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew before a candlelight vigil for the 19 crew members lost, in Prescott, Ariz. In American culture, the firefighter is almost a mythic being. Immortalized in movies such as “Backdraft” and “Ladder 49,” they do things that most people could never conceive of doing. They are, as we so often see, the first ones in to a disaster and the last ones out.

Wildland Firefighting Minor

Demand for wildland firefighters is expected to grow in response to more intense and frequent wildfires, particularly at the urban-wildland interface. The U. This includes both formal courses dedicated to wildland firefighting and informal relationships with organizations such as NY Department of Environmental Conservation and the US Forest Service. The goal of this minor is to give students both the hard skills related to wildland firefighting, and the ecological and technological underpinnings to enter wildland firefighting careers.

More from CDC: FAQs for Wildland Firefighters Discussion Forum: COVID 19 and Fire Season With multiple agencies/entities, groups and task forces all.

Lolo Peak fire. Photo by Tim Metzger. A wildland firefighter was killed by a falling tree on Wednesday evening south of Missoula, marking the second fatality on a western Montana fire this season. Johnson was part of a person crew working with Grayback Forestry, a private contractor based in Oregon that works closely with the U. Forest Service. Across the state, as many as 26 fires are listed as active, including 10 on the Lolo and Bitterroot national forests.

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, the last wildland firefighter to die in Montana occurred at Fort Shaw in due to a vehicle accident. Last year, according to NIFC, 13 wildland firefighters died across the country. To date, 1, wildland firefighters have died in the line of duty dating back to when record keeping began. The deadliest year on record was , when 35 wildland firefighters were killed, including 14 who died in a burnover in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Second Montana firefighter killed by falling tree near Missoula. Photo by Tim Metzger A wildland firefighter was killed by a falling tree on Wednesday evening south of Missoula, marking the second fatality on a western Montana fire this season.

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Salyors is a Forest Service fire prevention technician and former member of a Hotshot crew. Salyors is leading the effort to get more women into wildland firefighting and feels that women can benefit greatly from the experience. I am comfortable in ever-changing environments. The skills that could be obtained by working in fire for a few summers can easily help prepare individuals for other fields.

Salyors grew up near Las Vegas and had no idea what the job of wildland firefighting was like — or that she would love it. Fighting wildfires is physically tough, she said, but the long hours, difficult terrain and intense camaraderie are immensely rewarding. The job also worked really well with her college schedule and she made enough money to not have to work as much during the school year. The Forest Service is recruiting women for emergency firefighting crew positions; the crews are called out if all the regular firefighters are busy.

Starting on an emergency crew is a great way to explore the possibilities of wildland firefighting. These women not only fight fire on the Dixie National Forest but all around the nation. The Dixie, Fishlake, Manti-La Sal, and Uinta-Wasatch-Cache national forests are looking for motivated hardworking individuals to train and become part of the Women in Wildland Fire program as on-call wildland firefighters.

Click on photo to enlarge it, then use your left-right arrow keys to cycle through the gallery. Forest Service wildland firefighter Megan Salyors and her teammates cross a river in Alaska, circa , exact date and location not specified Photo courtesy of U.

Dating Wildland Firefighter

Nelda St. Clair keeps an unofficial list: 22 last year, 30 the year before. Sixteen suicides among wildland firefighters this year already, although St. Clair points out there tends to be a spike after fire season, which has dragged on long this year. As the numbers grow, so too does the concern that the tough, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps wildland firefighters—the men and women who fight fires in vegetation instead of buildings—are at risk.

She believes that quantifying the problem can help people talk about its causes.

deaths at the fire ground table · Incidents resulting in the deaths of 8 or more firefighters table · Top 10 Deadliest Wildland Firefighter Fatality Incidents table.

Application Period is November 25, with an early Cut-Off date of December 10, All temporary positions have closed as of December 10th Any future openings will be posted on this website. All locations listed may not be hiring; check with each location. Be sure the phone number is current. If you miss this date your chances of being included on our hiring certificates are significantly reduced. The crew is stationed in Pocatello, Idaho. For the first time since the crew’s inception in , we have our own building, with space for classroom training, offices, and physical training, as well as a workshop and garage.

The location of the facility near the new Cheyenne Crossing interconnect allows us to access the City of Pocatello’s greenbelt trail system for additional physical training opportunities. The crew members of the Snake River Hotshots come from a wide range of races, faiths, gender, education and regional backgrounds.

We maintain a non-threatening work environment where all crew members are encouraged to actively participate in an ongoing commitment to excellence. But our schedule is difficult for many college students due to the length of the season early May through October.

Dating a firefighter paramedic

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Paul Smith’s College has a long history of training wildland firefighters dating back to the late includes both formal courses dedicated to wildland.

The BLM Smokejumpers are seeking candidates to fill multiple job openings for the fire season. These positions may be filled as a temporary seasonal, career seasonal, or detail. Positions will be selected by March, with training beginning in April, The application period for GS-5 and GS-6 smokejumper positions are currently open. Eastern Time on the closing date.

The primary purpose of these positions is to be trained to parachute from aircraft into rugged terrain to suppress wildfires as well as perform other fire support functions. These positions require previous wildland firefighting experience and Firefighter Type 1 FFT1 qualification. Each year the BLM Boise Smokejumpers will receive hundreds of applications for five to ten job openings.

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I get asked that quite frequently. Where I grew up in northeast Washington though, it was not an unfamiliar job pursuit. Neither was working at the gold mine. After graduating high school I began working at our local ranger district in the silviculture department for the summer before heading off to college in the fall. Silviculture – the art and science of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, and quality of forest vegetation for the full range of forest resource objectives.

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Advice to firefighter rookies: Get thick skin