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In April, drama swirled around Doublelift’s return to Team SoloMid, after critics accused the League of Legends pro of re-joining for his girlfriend who runs the popular organization. However, on May 3, Leena opened up about the criticism on the Offline TV podcast, and revealed her thoughts on the publicized re-sign. During the segment, Twitch star Pokimane defended the couple, arguing the complaints don’t add up. Pokimane questioned critics, stating, “The thing that bothers me the most is, as you said, people seem to have like a massive problem with it now, but they didn’t care at all for the last half of year. The popular streamer argued that there would be less conflict of interest with the couple being on the same team. Leena and Peng have received criticism from various members of the League of Legends scene, such as Cloud9 content creator Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles. Get it together.

TSM Doublelift Deal Nearly Finalized

It is important to note, then, that two competing interests existed when Doublelift was on Team Liquid. Doublelift was acting to help Team Liquid win a championship, while Leena was acting to help TSM towards that same goal. They each have a personal interest in their relationship with each other wanting the other to succeed, to be happy together, etc.

Those interests are directly conflicting since both teams cannot win the championship and thus if either took action contrary to those interests, a conflict would exist.

Andy Dinh in Is he married or dating a new girlfriend? On Andy Dinh (nickname: Reginald) was born in San Jose, California. Andy Dinh used to date Leena Xu, the Vice President of Marketing and General Manager at​.

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Who’s in Charge at TSM?

We use cookies and similar technologies to offer you our full service and personalized ads. Further information and contradictory possibilities check out our privacy policy. With this quote, Team Liquid bids farewell to who is arguably the greatest North American League of Legends player of all time:.

On this episode of the OTV podcast TSM president, Leena Xu, talks about scouting for talent, dating rumors, and how to get picked up by professional.

A truly beautiful and very industrious woman, Leena Xu is a very active participant in the world of esports. She has grown to become one of the leaders in the gaming industry and is very respected for her work. Over the years, she has grown through the rank to become the president of Team SoloMid TSM , which happens to be one of the most recognizable esports organizations in North America at the moment. She is now very popular on social media and is followed by many die-hard fans who storm her page every day to have a feel of her beauty which she shows off very frequently in the many posts she makes on Instagram.

She is also responsible for the success of some of the well-known gamers at the moment, having sought them out to get them signed to TSM. Leena Xu was born on the 17th day of April in the year Very little is known about her background as she has kept a lot about herself quite private. In fact, the exact place where she was born is still vague at the moment. It is, however, known that she is an Asian woman.

Team Liquid set to return Doublelift to Team SoloMid in huge LCS trade

Andy Dinh born April 19, , better known by his in-game name Reginald , is a Vietnamese-American entrepreneur and former professional League of Legends player. Dinh began playing League of Legends in the Closed Beta in Playing alongside his brother, Dan Dinh , he quickly became one of the most recognizable players in the game’s sprouting player base.

Andy and his brother then formed one of the earliest competitive League of Legends teams, team All or Nothing , during the League of Legends closed beta in September Following these defeats, notable founding member Christian “The Rain Man” Kahmann resigned from the team citing differences in interests and Team Solomid subsequently picked up Marcus “Dyrus” Hill to fill the empty spot, as he was already living in the TSM house.

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The news of Doublelift put up for trade by Team Liquid came as a big surprise. On the other hand, that team had its fair share of problems which is, in part, why Doublelift left in favor of Team Liquid. Some fans and analysts are saying that this is a blatant conflict of interest , seeing how Doublelift is currently in a relationship with TSM President Leena Xu.

Team SoloMid failed to leave a mark in and they had all the right tools to do so. These are also facts and yet everyone is focusing on the gossip. Doublelift supposedly had an insanely expensive buyout clause, but fortunately, TSM is one of the few NA organizations that can cover it without thinking twice. Most fans expected him to shine bright in those hectic five-on-five teamfights much like he did back in Europe , but for whatever reason that rarely happened.

If anything, it would be at least somewhat fair to Kobbe after he decided to test out his luck by moving across the Atlantic after years of being a LEC regular. In any case, this is quite a juicy start to the League of Legends off-season. A long-time esports fanatic who prefers staring at monitors for fifteen hours straight to human interaction. In his free time, Petar sits in front of his computer and watches competitive League of Legends and Overwatch.

Petar is a strange dude. Most players invested in Legends of Runeterra are […].

Is reginald dating leena

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However, many in the broader LoL esports community want a few important questions answered. Since Doublelift is dating Leena Xu, who is the president of TSM, several prominent figures in the esports industry have asked whether this move constitutes a flagrant breach of integrity protocols. One player is a partial owner, another player is dating your boss, and your boss’ boss used to date your boss and has a history of taking over as coach.

However, those claims ignore the fact that the player could have triggered a release clause in his contract at any time. I think if you removed Leena from the equation, my decision making would be the exact same. Reportedly, Doublelift was the only player on the team who did not want Xmithie to leave, since he had established a great relationship with the Filipino jungler over two-and-a-half years. His voice was not heard, however, and Liquid decided to sell Xmithie and acquire Broxah.

Doublelift also talked about his lack of motivation during the LCS Spring Split, for which he apologised once again, and addressed the many factors behind his lack of drive. Supposedly, the only two members of the Team Liquid setup who supported Doublelift during this difficult time were Broxah and Arhancet. That made the year-old LoL veteran realise his relationship with the roster was damaged beyond repair and it was time to start looking at other options.

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Pokimane defends TSM Leena following Doublelift re-sign criticism

She has been with the team since its inception during the early days of League of Legends LoL. Her work with TSM has helped elevate her wealth significantly, as TSM has become one of the top-earning and valued organizations in the eSports world in recent years. Very little is known about Leena before her rise to fame as the president of TSM. She is of Asian descent though she has not talked about her family or her past.

In , she began dating Andy Dinh who was a professional gamer at the time, working with the team he created called Team SoloMid. This team competed in professional tournaments in LoL, becoming one of the first recognizable teams in the game.

The latest Tweets from Leena Xu (@leena_xu). @TeamSoloMid ‘s VP of. Marketing and LoL general manager | I eat food & play games ||| instagram: leena_xu.

Za Hando – Aug 10, eSports. Doublelift is definitely one of the most famous names in the NA League of Legends scene. The most recent time when he advanced to Worlds Playoff was in , and he was playing Support. Many disregarded Doublelift for his arrogant attitude. Recently, the pro player was under severe backlash from the community as he re-joined Team SoloMid at the drop of his performance. Their affection towards each other is extremely sincere and Doublelift proposed to Leena not long ago.

However, he was coldly rejected by TSM’s President. Leena even told this story on Doublelift’s stream and surprised the audience. Hopefully, the legendary player can use it as his motivation to win the first Worlds. Team SoloMid – the current team of Doublelift is in good shape. As of now, the others in the NA region could not beat the top 3.

Some of the most prominent cases are Ambition in and DoinB in Both of the two performed at the peak of their talent and won the Championship title.

Andy “Reginald” Dinh – Net Worth, Bio, Girlfriend (Leena Xu)

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He is a Vietnamese-American and business entrepreneur. Maybe you know about Reginald very well But do you know how old and tall is he, and what is his net worth in ? There is no record of his parents, but his family is believed to be of Vietnamese descent. He grew up in San Jose with an elder brother. Right from childhood, Reginald was not much interested in studies and played a lot of video games.

He grew up in a well-to-do family, so all the gaming equipment and accessories were easily available to him. In school and neighborhood, he often got bullied for being a video game nerd. Reginald was never much of a sports fan either. Reginald attended Westmount High School in Campbell. He was never much interested in studies, and all his attention was always fixated on different games.

There is no record of him dating in high school. He was a gaming nerd and hardly had any friends in school. It was while at the professional gaming tournament he met a girl named Leena Xu. Leena is also a gaming enthusiast, and with a common interest, both started dating.

TSM Leena gets candid in OfflineTV Podcast about Doublelift Controversy

TSM has not won a title since the Summer split. Starting from the Spring split, TSM has made the finals once in five attempts and has missed both the and World Championships. If TSM wishes to recapture their former glory, then their leader will need to revitalize the organization after a shaky past two years. Normally in sports, the head coach or general manager is the leader for the team. They play an essential role in scouting talent, leading strategic discussions, and making decisions.

In TSM, the players seem to have much more control.

1 Who is Leena Xu? 2 The Net Worth of Leena Xu; 3 Early Life and Career Beginnings; 4 The Rise of TSM; 5.

This has Doublelift reuniting with an organization that kicked him in without any kind of warning. The change is not surprising, as Doublelift has been vocal about his discontent with the coaching staff and the decisions being made behind the scenes by Team Liquid. He even criticized the signing of jungler Mads ” Broxah ” Brock-Pedersen and called it a mistake. Tactical gave Liquid some consistency during the season and he might be the best option for a team that will be looking to return to form.

Under different circumstances, this would be looked at as just another roster change, but this trade is not like most. That makes for a unique situation within the TSM organization, and also gives a different feel to the public blowout between Doublelift and Team Liquid. Terms were not disclosed, but Doublelift and TSM coming back together will likely be well-received by fans.

Earlier this year, Doublelift reunited the TSM roster for a charity stream to adulation from fans. That said, this trade does raise some eyebrows when it comes to Riot’s roster rules. It will be interesting to see if the LCS has anything to say about the matter in the coming weeks.

Shopping with Dyrus, Leena, & Reginald